Velvety Anki

Study Japanese with premade set of cards by leveraging SRS


The studying routine is awfully simple. Tap on the deck you would like to memorize. Select cards you are interested in or allow the app to do it for you. Then memorize them as hard as you can!


The first review will be right after the study. Every time you review a card be honest with the answer. Don't hesitate to mark the answer as wrong when you are not confident with how you remembered the card. The app will take that into consideration when decide, when to ask you to review the card again.

Now after completing the first review, what to do? Actually, nothing. You should wait. By the way, when will be my next review?

Review schedule

On the main page you can see the button to start reviewing available cards. There is nothing to review now. And my next review will be at 4am! No way I could wake up at that time. And you shouldn't. I will tell you the secret how to manage your review time to avoid headache.

The intervals between first reviews are 4, 8, 24 and 48 hours. So if you do the first review at 9am, then nexts will be at 1pm and 9pm. Thus you avoided the reviewing at night time. If you prefer to study before night then you can do the first review at 8pm, and your nexts will be at 0am and 8am. As for me, I prefer the latter.


When cards to review are available the app will notify with a push notification, 3 times until you open the app. So if you have no spare time at that time don't worry, the app will remind about the reviews later.

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